Ha Xuan Huy MD PhD – Vice Director

Dr. Ha has a background in medicine with advanced trainings on M&E and health research designs through master and doctoral programs at the School of Public Health – University of Texas at Houston Health Science Center, USA. He has more than 15 years of working experience in conducting health research/project and evaluation of health intervention projects/program on various key health issues including but not limited to on HIV/AIDS, Gender, Maternal and Child Health Care, and Nutrition, and reproductive and sexual health. Dr. Ha has served as Principle Investigator (PI), Co-PI, Co-I, counseling research, program/project director for several studies/projects funded by UN Trust Fund, USAID, Bill & Melinda Gate Foundation, Population Council, UNICEF, Ipas, and World Bank. In addition, he also has extensive experience and advanced knowledge in M&E and research design, program planning, data management and data analyses.


MDThai Nguyen Medical University1995
MPH – University of Texas at Houston Health Science Center – 2003
PhD – University of Texas at Houston Health Science Center – 2012


Research Interests

Maternal and Child Health
Reproductive and Sexual Health
Behavioral Change Communication


Selected Research Projects

A pilot web-based post-abortion counseling intervention in Vietnam (2017-2018). Sponsor: Inroads. Role: Principal Investigator.  

This is phase I of a two phase project that aims to develop and test the feasibility and acceptability of a web-based counseling program to address abortion stigma among unmarried women in Quang Ninh province, Vietnam. The evidence of this ‘proof-of-concept’ stage will inform the preparation of subsequent phase that will evaluate the effectiveness of the intervention model.


Health Facility based Counseling and Home Visits to Prevent Intimate Partner Violence Against Pregnant and Lactating Women in Vietnam (2016-2018). Sponsor: UN-Trust Fund. Role: Principal Investigator.

The goal of the project is to improve the safety, health, and wellbeing of pregnant and lactating women in Kien Xuong district, Thai Binh province by reducing the prevalence and severity of episodes of physical, emotional and sexual intimate partner violence (IPV). Project outcomes include (1) increased availability for pregnant and lactating women to quality of IPV related counseling at health facilities and ability to report cases at health facilities and through the IPV hotline; and (2) increased support for pregnant and lactating women to prevent and respond to IPV through home visits and community support for IPV-free environment at home and in the community.


Abortion Stigma in Vietnam: Manifestation and Impacts. Sponsor: Ipas. Role: Principal Investigator

The purpose of the study was to explore the impact of abortion stigma on unmarried young women who have had an abortion (or are seeking to have an abortion) and the quality of services they have received. The specific aims of the study were 1) to describe the perceptions and experience with the stigma that surrounds abortion among unmarried women who have had an abortion; 2) explore the relationship between abortion stigma and quality of care; 3) to analyze the impact of abortion stigma on care quality; and 4) to explore whether different service abortion models (medical abortion defined by use of abortifacient pharmaceutical drugs vs. surgical abortion defined by any procedure of Manual Vacuum Aspiration–MVA, or Dilatation and Evacuation–D&E) have different impacts on abortion stigma.


Assessment of Child Survival and Humanitarian C4D Initiatives and Support Needs in East Asia and Pacific (2015). Sponsor: Unicef Headquarter.  Role: National Researcher 

It was multi-countries assessment on Communication for Development (C4D) initiative for sustainable and long-term behavioral and social change in areas of Maternal, Newborn and Child Health (MNCH), Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) and Nutrition. The purposes of the study were to 1) identify effective and integrated C4D approaches for improved health, hygiene, nutrition and protective and caring practice; and 2) identify technical support needs of the UNICEF country office towards a more cross-sectoral approach. The study was implemented in 14 countries.


National Survey on Maternal and Infant Mortality in 7 Northern Provinces, Viet Nam (2015).  Sponsor: World Bank. Role: Consulting Researcher    

The purpose of the study was to evaluate maternal and infant mortality in 7 Northern provinces of Vietnam. Mix methods were employed, reviewing 106,930 patient profiles, interviewing with 2630 family members, facilitating 120 in-depth interviews.


Final assessment of impact and cost-effectiveness of Infection Control Project in 3 provinces in Vietnam (2012). Sponsor: USAID through Abt Associates. Role: Co-Principal Investigator

The project evaluation aimed to (1) estimate the benefits of infection control (IC) activities implemented under the Avian and Pandemic Influenza Initiative (APII), and (2) use the costs of IC activities from previous reports to determine the cost effectiveness of IC activities. The cost effectiveness information was expected to provide crucial information to the stakeholders (hospitals and government) to allocate their limited budgets to most effectively.


Improved Access, Equity and Utilization of Commune Health Center Service, in particular by Women from Poor, Ethnic Minorities and Remote Areas in Thai Nguyen Province, Vietnam (2011-2012). Sponsor: population Council, New York. Role: Counselling Researcher 

The aims of the study were to: 1) assess the overall impact of computerization of health management and information system (HMIS) used at commune health centers and district health centers for program planning; 2) explore health care seeking behaviors and access to health care services among poor and ethnic minority people compared to the non-poor and non-ethnic minority people ; 3) conduct comparative analysis of the quality of reproductive health services provided by public sector versus private sector in Thai Nguyen Province; 4) conduct comparative analysis of quality of primary care as perceived by users with a focus on management and treatment of hypertension and diarrhea. Mixed methods were used to enroll 4320 people aged 15-60 at 180 communes of Thai Nguyen province.


Baseline survey of the project: Reduction of Mortality and Morbidity Rates among Ethnic Mothers and Children in Vietnam (2011). Sponsor: Atlantic Philanthropies.

Role: Lead Researcher 

The purpose of the study is to collect baseline data for the community-based intervention in order to reduce mortality and morbidity rates  in ethnic mother and children in four provinces in Vietnam. The study employed mixed method including cluster survey and qualitative approach with its findings to build effective intervention and as baseline data to assess the effect of the model.


National Program of Maternal and Child Health, Hygiene, Nutrition and Health Education for Behavior Change (2000-2004). Sponsor: Unicef. Role: Coordinator 

The purpose of the program was to build an integrated program with respect to health education for behavior change on three prominent issues: maternal and child health, hygiene and nutrition. The outcomes of the program were 1) an effective integrated behavior change strategies from center to grassroots levels; 2) specific operational plan on health education/communication at different levels; 3) packages of integrated key messages; and 4) pilot project implemented at 40 districts nation-wide.


Baseline survey on Trachoma Control in 17 pilot provinces (2000). Sponsor:  International Trachoma Initiative (ITI). Role: Principal Investigator

The objective of the survey was to estimate the prevalence of trachoma in 17 pilot districts in 17 provinces and explored potential risks factors. The findings were used for designing a trachoma control program and serve as baseline data for assessing the impact of the intervention. It was cluster-survey using PPS approach and WHO standardized protocols. More than 3500 children aged 1-9 years old and more than 3000 individuals aged of 15 or above were enrolled in the study.