CPAS is the forefront of socio-medial and population health research, utilizing a multidisciplinary approach that draws on a wide range of fields, including public health, environmental health, epidemiology, medical and social sciences. The key focus of CPAS’s research programs is to identify and address key emerging health issues currently faced by the Vietnamese population, particularly in the context of Vietnam’s rapid socioeconomic transformation. The findings from such research provide actionable information to transform disease prevention and management, as well as healthcare delivery, enabling the Vietnamese people, both individually and collectively, to live healthy lives with a high quality of life. CPAS’s research covers a broad range of topics, including, but not limited to HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and other infectious diseases, obesity and malnutrition, childhood disability, maternal health, and other lifestyle-related chronic diseases, among others.


Rapid Research for Diagnostics Development in TB Network (R2D2 TB Network)          

NIH 1U01AI152087 – Sub-awarded with UCSF                                  8/21/2020 – 5/31/2025

This study aims to conduct pilot studies to assess the diagnostic accuracy and usability of early and late prototypes of novel TB tests in the intended settings, with the goal of informing

their further development. Additionally, the study aims to conduct large-scale validation studies to assess the diagnostic accuracy and usability of design-locked novel TB tests, with the aim of informing policy development.


DRAMATIC Phase 2 Duration Randomized MDR-TB Treatment Trial                                 

NIAID RO1 5U01AI152980                                                                      8/21/2020 – 5/31/2025

Sub-Awarded with UCSF                                 

This phase two trial aims to determine the optimal duration of the experimental regimen that can be deemed non-inferior to the new standard of care. The objectives include a) analyzing the correlation between the duration of the experimental regimen and the percentage of participants who achieve sustained cure at 76 weeks after randomization, without any treatment failure or relapse; b) examining the relationship between baseline prognostic risk strata and sustained cure at 76 weeks after randomization without treatment failure or relapse, and c) assessing the link between novel biologic markers and sustained cure at 76 weeks after randomization without treatment failure or relapse.


EndTBQ (Evaluating Newly Approved Drugs in Combination Regimens for Multidrug-Resistant TB with Fluoroquinolone Resistance (Q) – One trial of Expand New Drug markets for TB (END-TB) Extension and Expansion Project      

Unitaid and PIH, SPHQ15-LOA-045                                                2/1/2020 – 12/31/2024

Sub-Awarded with UCSF

This is a Phase III randomized, controlled, open-label, multi-country trial aimed at evaluating the effectiveness of a new combination regimen and treatment strategy for fluoroquinolone-resistant MDR-TB. The trial will determine whether the efficacy of experimental arm at Week 73 is non-inferiority to that of the control.


Improving the efficiency of clinic-based active tuberculosis case finding: evaluation of point-of-care C-reactive protein-based triage testing in Vietnam.

NIH 5R21AI151520                                                                                  3/30/2021 – 2/28/2024

Sub-Awarded with UCSF             

This study aims to enroll 1200 outpatients who present with at least one symptom suggestive of TB to pursue the following objectives: 1) To determine the diagnostic accuracy of point-of-care C-reactive protein (POC CRP) for culture-confirmed pulmonary TB; 2) To compare the diagnostic yield and efficiency of symptom-based screening strategies (including any TB symptom, any cough, or prolonged cough) with and without POC CRP-based triage testing to identify the optimal TB screening algorithm.


TBTC Study 31. A5349: Rifapentine-containing treatment shortening regimens              

for pulmonary tuberculosis: A randomized, open-label, controlled phase 3 clinical trial (2015-2021).

Sponsor: CDC

Sub-awarded with UCSF

This phase 3 clinical trial aims to evaluate the efficacy of a Rifapentine-containing regimens to determine whether the single substitution of rifapentine for rifampin or in addition substitutes moxifloxacin for ethambutol and continues moxifloxacin during the continuation phase would be able to shorten treatment duration of drug susceptible pulmonary tuberculosis to 17 weeks.


Sub-Study: Population Pharmacokinetic and Pharmacodynamic Study of Efficacy and Safety of High-Dose Rifapentine and Moxifloxacin for Treatment of Tuberculosis in the Study 31 Treatment Trial: Intensive PK Sampling (2016-2020). Sponsor: CDC

This sub-study is nested with Study 31.A5349 to 1) Characterize the population pharmacokinetics of rifapentine and 25-desacetyl rifapentine, using sparse PK data from Study 31 and intensive PK data from Study 31 PK/PD; and to 2) Examine the relationship between rifapentine PK parameters of interest and treatment efficacy.


An Observational Study of Individuals Treated for Pulmonary Tuberculosis (TB) (2016-2020). Sponsor: CDC

This observational study is a platform study aims to 1) Determine the optimal methods for identification and quantification of M. tuberculosis (MTB) in sputum over the course of TB treatment; 2) Assess outcomes of TB treatment (treatment failure, cure, relapse and death) in a rigorous and standardized manner; 3) Assess sputum parameters as surrogate markers for outcomes of TB treatment TB Trial Consortium Study 29 extension:

Mobile Connect An integrated mHealth intervention to address unsafe abortion among female sex workers in Vietnam                                               9/30/2019 -9/30/2021

OC-OPT-1902-31681 Funded by Grand Challenge Canada (GCC)                                            

This project used a theory-driven, interactive short messaging services (SMS) enhanced by tele-counseling to reach female sex workers and deliver sexual reproductive health (SRH) education with a focus on unwanted pregnancy, safe abortion, and stigma reduction, and connect women to safe services. In addition, peer educators were recruited and trained who then identify and enroll women into the project, providing peer education and counseling in person and using the Mobile Connect platform and refer women to specialist abortion counseling and services when needed. The innovation also developed and tested digital counseling tools for providers to assess medical eligibility of abortion seekers, provide advice and schedule clinic visits, which were followed by friendly abortion services and post-abortion care. During the grant period, the project recruited and trained 18 peer educators, and these peers approached and provided information on safe abortion, reproductive health to 512 sex workers. These 512 sex workers downloaded iConnect application to learn more about safe abortion and other relevant information of reproductive health and sexual health. In addition, 100 sex workers received online and live counseling from two reproductive health clinics (Light and Marie Stopes) about the safe abortion and reproductive health.
E-BabyCare – A virtual platform of care for preterm babies after discharge from neonatal intensive care units in Vietnam                                           3/31/2018-9/30/2019

R-ST-POC-1808-16948 Funded by Grand Challenges Canada (GCC)

This project is to develop, implement and test a virtual platform of care, E-BabyCare, that enables NICU care providers to make ‘virtual visits’ to preterm babies from a computer or mobile device, and parents to remotely access providers via SMS, phone, chat, or video conference. During the grant period, the project conducted 30 in-depth interviews, 200 interviews with young mothers. Trained 10 midwifes and provided 800 sessions of counseling through the aps for 50 mothers.


Using participatory action research to engage children with disabilities and their families in developing health initiatives to improve their access to health and social services (2010-2011). Sponsor: Wellcome Trust

This project sought to engage young people with disabilities and their families in a research study that aimed to understand the needs for health care and social services amongst children with disabilities in an Agent Orange affected area in central Vietnam. The project conducted in-depth interviews with 24 children and youth (aged from 14-18 years) who were physical disability; 31 interviews with mothers of 38 disability children, 3 focus group discussions with community and stake holders; 3 community engagement through communication events at 3 communes in Aluoi district, each engaged about 50 – 100 community people, leaders of the communes, women’s union and youth union representatives. In these events, a video clip that made from 6 story telling by children with disability from these communities was showed, followed by discussion with audiences and CPAS researchers. The video can be viewed at

Building the capacity in HIV/AIDS data use for government agencies in Vietnam (2010-2011). Sponsor: USAID via Abt Associates Inc.

This study aimed to build the capacity for the government healthcare agencies in the use of routinely collected and research data to support evidence-based program and policy development in HIV prevention, care and treatment in Vietnam

Evaluation of the positive prevention project (2011). Sponsor: USAID via Abt Associates Inc.

This project assessed the effectiveness of two positive prevention models for people living with HIV/AIDS in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh city, Hai Phong and An Giang provinces and identified factors affecting the effectiveness of the program through interview with clients, peer educators and local project staff in order to make recommendations on which model should be scaled up which components of the models should be modified.

Development of Guidelines for implementation and management of the national program in response to climate changes (2010 – 2011). Sponsor: UNDP via the Institute of Hydrometeorology and Environmental Science in the project “Strengthening national capacity to respond to climate change in Vietnam, to mitigate and control greenhouse gas emissions”

CPAS is contracted to develop Guidelines for implementation and management of the National Program to respond to climate change in Vietnam


Evaluation of the project to develop reproductive health capacity of the commune health network in Da Nang city and Khanh Hoa provinces, Vietnam (2007-2009). Sponsor: World Bank via Global Development Network

The purpose of this project was to conduct an independent evaluation of a 3-year healthcare intervention projects on the quality and utilization of reproductive health services associated with a Social Franchised trials at commune health stations in Vietnam.

Urbanization and youth health risk behavior in Vietnam – A needs assessment study (2007-2009). Sponsor: University of Queensland

This study explored risky behaviors among young people from newly urbanized areas in major cities in Vietnam.


Gathering input from youth MSM and other young men (2007-2008). Sponsor: Save the Children USA

This study sought to understand the vulnerabilities of young gay men in Hanoi Vietnam and gathered their input in developing culturally sensitive education programs

Mass media and sexuality among young people in Hanoi, Vietnam (2006-2007). Sponsor: Rockefeller Foundation

This study sought to understand sexual identity, relationships, and practice among emerging adults in Vietnam in conjunction with the widespread use of electronic media as a result of rapid socioeconomic development in the country.