Tran Tien Dat B Pharm, PharmD, MIPH

My overarching goal is to become an internationally-recognized public health professional. My research interests lie at the confluence of health and economic perspectives of decision making against a backdrop of limited healthcare resources. My long term objective is to become an established expert in health outcomes and health economics, with a primary focus on cardiovascular health.

I have a solid background and extensive experience in healthcare project management, consultation, monitoring and evaluation at national and international levels in both public and private domains. I am building health outcomes and health economic research skills based on my public health experience and pharmaceutical background. I am currently expanding my skill set by pursuing a PhD at the University of Alberta, where I am affiliated with School of Public Health, the world-renowned Canadian VIGOUR Centre (CVC) and the Institute of Health Economics (IHE). The CVC provides opportunities to study cardiac health problems at the population level, while the IHE provides insights into the economic impact of healthcare treatment decisions and outcomes.