VEF Knowledge Hub aims to become a sustained interactive platform to engage Vietnamese scientists and university faculties in Vietnam and all over the World with domestic organizations and universities.

VEF Knowledge Hub mission is to foster translation and integration of scientific and technological advance into local practice to inform and transform socioeconomic development in Vietnam.

VEF Knowledge Hub is committed to providing high quality technical assistance to and working hand in hand with local organizations and universities in design, conduct, and evaluation of development programs, scientific research, training and capacity building in a range of areas: Healthcare, Biomedical Sciences, Information Technology, Education, Agriculture, Civil Engineering, Social Development, Environment and Climate Change, and so on.

Areas of focus

Research to generate evidence for policies and development
Training and Capacity Building
Leadership and Management
Fund Raising and Grant Writing
On the job training and skills transfer

Host organization: Center for Promotion of Advancement of Society (CPAS) – Hanoi, Vietnam

Organizational Structure